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THE SPHERE OF SOUND is a specialist in Spatial Audio Design for VR/AR Experiences and Games. We create Immersive and Interactive Audio, Spatial Soundscapes and Design Sound & Music for new technologies used for Health, Wellbeing, and Education.

TSOS has already been ableto create a number of incredibly cool experiences that have left an indelible impression on thepublic. Thinking along and cooperating every day to create even more WOW moments. Curious about the power of sound and music? Feel free to contact us…

Our Philosofy
We change the way you listen.
Jelmer Althuis
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What people say
Jelmer is a true audio and sound artist for me. With a great deal of feeling and a unique sound method, he is of added value for my VR company VRROOM. Especially jamming and testing together with 3D sound combined with Virtual Reality makes Jelmer a great partner. A true fine audio specialist in both personality and professionalism.
Koen Toornvliet- Owner VRROOM
I have had the privilege of working with Jelmer on a great range of productions for various, (often quite demanding), clients.

Whether directing vocal talent to produce a pop song, or composing an intricate orchestral score, he always goes above and beyond expectations.

I would highly recommend him for any production where music is key.

Frank Oly- Director Strategy and Organisation SoilCQuest2031