Jelmer Althuis

Owner / VR Audio Designer
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Music and sound have been my passion, ever since I discovered the sounds of an old piano in my childhood home when I was about 5 years old. And still, I discover new sounds that stimulate my imagination and foster creativity. I am also fascinated by new technologies, innovation and its influence on our ever-changing daily lives. But these technological changes that occur in our daily lives, as a result, should, in my opinion, serve to make our lives more pleasant…

With the growth of VR, I see opportunities for applying Spatial Audio. Not only for an even better experience but also for its power and impact on the human brain. If I could contribute to making the world just a little better and making our lives more pleasant, give joy and wonder and amaze people with my music and sound…, I will be happy.

I see a huge number of possibilities in terms of applying Spatial Audio in all kinds of projects, in all kinds of areas. It’s nice to discover all that now. In my opinion, we are only at the beginning of a new area of storytelling, offering care and well-being, and changing education… And I am convinced that music and sound will have a major role in this development. We just opened our ears to new worlds…

Audio provides at least 50% of the credibility, conviction and sensation of the entire experience