What we do...

Immersive and Interactive Audio

We design audio for VR/AR applications, a combination of spatial audio, object based sounds and interactive music, to create heightened levels of immersion for your story.

We also make audio which adapts to human-computer interaction, from Virtual and Augmented reality to many other applications. We like to discover new creative possibilities with this interactive audio technology.


Spatial Soundscapes

We create new sound landscapes, mystical atmosphere and new auditory worlds for games, virtual reality or other modern sound applications, where the goal is to escape from the real world or to reinforce the story for an even more intense experience.

Audio for Health and Wellbeing

Several studies have already proven that VR applications can have an impact on people’s health and wellbeing. Sounds  and music cannot be ignored, as they also can have a positive impact on physical and mental health for those who suffer from stress, trauma, autism, memory loss syndromes.

We also do research on the emotional impact and the effect of spatial audio in health care applications, to better understand and use it the best way to make a positive contribution for VR applications for mental healthcare and wellbeing.



Surround Mixing

Surround mixing

5.1, 7.1

Dolby Atmos

Customer Experiences

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Musea Experiences

Sonic Art

Sound Design

Video Games

Film & TV

Audio Post Production




Music Production

Library Music

Custom Compositions

Interactive Music

Game Sound Implementation




Our Latest Work

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